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Who I Follow just got a Full Site Make-Over… Come by and Check It Out!! #blog #blogger #webdesign #graphics #MrsTeeH

Day 1. In my cup #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp #MrsTeeH

Spend Your Labor Day Weekend With The Mommy Monday Blog Hop #MondayForMoms #MMBH

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I don’t know about you but having an extra day to the weekend means a bit of extra ‘Mommy’ time for me and we can’t wait to spend that time with you, here at the Mommy Monday Blog Hop.
Mommy Monday Blog Hop

Mommy Monday #bloghop #mondayformoms

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This song is truly@ministering to me today… #praise #worship #MrsTeeH

We Get In The Mix With YOU At The Social Media Mixer!

Welcome to the 14th week of the Social Media Mixer! We are so happy to get in the mix with you and your favorite posts and social media hang outs this week!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 13 – we had 12 blogs and numerous social media link-ups!

In the nature of mixing things up here at the Social Media Mixer, we will now be selecting our favorite posts each week – those posts will…

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Look what the Kiddies spotted right outside our porch …? Cool. #NatureFinds #MrsTeeH

My New Addiction: Polyvore ! Have you made YOUR set yet? #Polyvore #Fashion #FBlogger

Hello my name is MrsTee and I have a new addiction. I am one of those women who loves clothes, shoes, handbags and all of the great things about being a Girl. I also love to plan out my looks a bit and try to buy pieces here and there until I get that ‘perfect’ outfit. Polyvore is the perfect way to do this and I am so glad that I’ve discovered it!

Okay, I didn’t discover like Newton with Gravity…

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